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     Festival Dance

&  Performing Arts Association

Discover Dance Program

Discover Dance is one of our most popular programs.  Our Discover Dance Program allows us to bring a professional dance instructor into the Physical Education classes in local schools.  The students experience classes covering the history and evolution of jazz dance through a range of fun styles.

YouthReach Program

Festival YouthReach provides arts performances to 2,000 students in an 80-mile radius.  When we touch the lives of our youth through performing arts, we broaden the minds of our young people, teach them about beauty, and give them an experience of the diverse expression of dance.

Some children from rural communities that are bussed in to see professional performances would never have the opportunity to experience professional performing arts otherwise in their lifetime.  For many, it is the only professional performance they will ever experience.  Festival Dance believes this experience develops a personal connection to the arts that can create a lifelong interest, enriching the lives of youth in our area.

"It was a beautiful visual and musical experience my                                        

 students would rarely get a chance to see." 

      -Charlotte Carpenter, Julietta Elementary School

                                                                         "As a teacher, I look forward to this every year.  It is 

                                                                          very exciting to see how positively it affects the kids." 

                                                                                                     -Lorie Flakus, Troy Elementary School


                                                                                                                                                      "Please continue to provide us with such a great exposure 

                                                                                                                                                       to the arts.  We appreciate your programs very much." 

                                                                                                                                                                                -Rosalie Harms, Franklin Elementary School

                                                                           "The delivery of individuals, music and dance forms 

                                                                            increases student understanding of others, helps them 

                                                                            relate to music and dance as a common language for all, 

                                                                            and reminds them that we are more alike than different." 

                                                                                                            -Caroline Bitterwolf, West Park School

"We love attending the Festival Dance performances.  

 Keep doing what you're doing!' 

                      -Linda Sterk, Renaissance Charter School

This program wouldn't be possible without our sponsors and grant assistance