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Ghanaian Tigari dance (preview)

Contest Time!


Instead of going to schools with our Discover Dance Classes we are bringing Discover Dance to you! This is our way of bringing kids in touch with various kinds of dance. These lessons are designed to be easily learned at home!

     Can you learn the African dance (previewed here) and send us a video? Scroll down to watch the teaching video.


Dance with Judy! (Jazz)

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a JAZZ dance

you can learn today.

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with our instructor 

Judy Drown.

Dance Hip Hop with Judy!

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with Judy!

Discover Dance Program

Discover Dance is one of our most popular programs.  

Our Discover Dance Program allows us to bring a professional dance instructor directly into local schools for a series of dance lessons. These classes take place during their Physical Education or Music classes, and the students experience these amazing movement lessons intertwined with a verbal history covering the evolution of jazz dance through the current Hip Hop styles.

Today Judy is working from her studio to bring you her latest class which would normally be presented at the schools. This year, anyone can join the class and dance with Judy!

Join Judy for FREE Jazz Dance Class!

Join Judy for FREE instruction on African Tigari Dance

Dance Hip Hop with Judy!!

Youthreach Programs

When we touch the lives of our youth through performing arts, we broaden the minds of our young people, 

teach them about beauty, and give them an experience of the diverse expression of dance.


“I love how students that don’t usually get exposed to dance experiences and education, get the chance to see and learn.” 

“Loved it! Keep offering these wonderful programs!” 

--Mrs. Patera, Jefferson Elementary, 4th Grade.

“I especially liked the part when the students went on stage and did some dance moves. I thought you did a great job of explaining how to position your body to make those really cool actions!” 

– Student, 

St. Mary’s School, 4th Grade

This opportunity helped students understand how music and dance allows us to communicate across time and cultures.” Julie Lippay, 5th Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary, Pullman WA.

Photos courtesy of C. Rod Bacon

These programs are made possible due to our generous community sponsors and local, state, and national grant organizations.