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Back to Dance Boot-camp is here!

Let's get to know our new Dance Director, Colleen Bialas. 

Join us for a 3-day mini intensive on August 18-20.

This exciting intensive offers dancers an opportunity to brush the dust off your dancing skills as you return from summer break. Each day is crafted to support safety in dance practice and reintegration to movement, with an array of offerings to recondition and celebrate the joy of dancing while connecting students with their Festival Dance community. This mini-intensive is excellent for intermediate, advanced, and adult dancers (ballet level 4 or higher). Dancers should bring a water bottle, snack, and a sack lunch (if applicable to registered class times). Lunch is unsupervised and dancers can choose to leave campus or eat at the University of Idaho Arboretum.

The schedule can be found below. Registration is to be done online. Click the button below to signup.

Wondering what level your student will start in this Fall?
Fall level evaluations will be on Wednesday August 19 at 4 PM.
MOFE auditions will be on Thursday August 20 at  4 PM.

Openings for Dance instructors 


Do you have a passion for teaching and dance? Do you enjoy working with children? Perhaps, you have a stable primary job and want a part-time secondary income? Are you a student, looking for part-time income? Or perhaps you have a corporate job and want to connect with the local community while providing a creative opportunity for kids? Perhaps you have taught in the past, and want to come back to your passion for teaching dance to kids? If so, can you commit through the school-year 2021?


If the answer to the above questions, is “YES!” then Festival Dance, the oldest and most exciting dance school in the area, may be interested in you! We are hiring 2-4 new dance instructors in preparation for our 2020-2021 dance season. Wouldn’t you love to join a faculty of some of the most talented and passionate dance instructors in the Moscow, ID and surrounding area?


About the job: Candidates should have an interest in teaching and choreography for a variety of ages, styles of dance, and skill levels, and value working on a team. A passion for teaching dance is a must.  Hours could be anywhere from one to five hours weekly. Classes take place Monday-Friday from 3:30 pm to 8 pm at our main location in the PE Building at the University of Idaho. We also have 2 remote locations in Troy and Genesee where we teach classes 1 day a week, and are looking for instructors to fill these classes. You can find the complete j0b description HERE.


If you want to share your enthusiasm for dance in a positive studio teaching the latest in dance technique, please email your resume and cover letter detailing your experience, interests, and availability to We look forward to speaking with you soon!