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Ghanaian Tigari dance

It's contest time! 

Instead of going to schools with our Discover Dance classes we are bringing Discover Dance to you! On our Outreach page we have our Discover Dance classes for this year available for everyone. You will find 3 different dance lessons there. Discover Dance is our way of bringing kids in touch with dance and teaching them various kinds of dance. The lessons are designed so you can learn the lessons at home. 

We would like you to learn the African dance and send a video to us. To the left is a preview of the instruction video. Click on over to the Outreach Education page to learn the dance.

You can send your video in 3 different ways: 
- upload to google drive and share it with
- if you would like to text your video please email for a phone number to send it to

We will have 3 prizes for the best entries and one of the judges will be Judy Drown, the instructor. To win a prize you will have to submit your video no later than May 25th at Midnight.

By submitting your video you agree with releasing the video footage to be used by Festival Dance Academy for promotional, social media and website usage.

Idaho Gives

Thank you! Your generosity and commitment to the mission of Festival  Dance will allow us to continue bringing the Arts to our community through performances, education and outreach. 

We believe in the power of the arts to have a positive impact on individuals and communities, the mission of Festival Dance is to BRING THE ARTS TO THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE TO THE ARTS through performances, education and outreach programs, guided by the core values of:  

          - Diversity of dance styles and cultures, 

          - Accessibility to quality arts for all ages, 

          - Nurturing of local talent, 

          - Community enrichment and service, and 

          - Excellence in artistic programs and management